4 Causes of Infertility That You Need to Be Aware Of

Infertility refers to when a couple is unable to have a baby. This has become a very major problem for married couples in the present unlike in the past due to several factors.

Due to this reason, couples get disheartened they opt for other options to be able to conceive or move on in life by accepting the bitter truth of not being able to make a baby. This problem can occur not only when there is some issue in the woman’s reproductive system, but the problem can also be upon man. Hence, infertility should be an issue of concern to both individuals.

Listed below are some reasons that can potentially lead to infertility. Keep reading to enlighten yourself and take any precautions if necessary.

1. Abnormal semen

This is a common infertility issue in males, which is problems in the fluid that contains the sperms and is also released during sex. Many factors can lead to problems in the semen such as a low sperm count or no sperm and immobility of sperm which makes them harder to move towards the egg.

In addition to these, abnormality in the shape of the sperm also is a reason for the problem in the semen.

2. Problems in the testicles

When there is an issue in the pair of testicles of the male reproductive system, it can lead to a major problem in the functionality of the sperms as well as the quality of semen because this is where the sperms are produced.

Some problems of the testicles include an infection or injury, or cancer or surgery related to the testicles. Therefore, this can also be a major problem behind the inability to conceive.

3. Problems in ovulation

Ovulation is a process that takes place in the female reproductive system and is crucial for a regular menstrual cycle as well to be able to get pregnant. Ovulation is the process in which the egg is released from the ovaries and issues in this process are a major cause of infertility when considering women.

This occurs due to other major problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, problems in the thyroid, and even a woman’s age matters as the process of ovulation cease after a woman has surpassed a particular age.

So, even when there is no issue with the delivery of sperm towards the egg, if the ovulation had not taken place properly, being pregnant will be quite challenging. Hence, fertility supplements assist both male and female in this regard and help resolve this problem.

4. Damage to the fallopian tube

Another problem that causes the inability to conceive is when the egg is unable to pass through the fallopian tube due to damage or blockage.

This is usually caused due to pelvic inflammatory disease which is an infection to the upper female genital tract where the womb and ovaries are located other than the fallopian tube. Pelvic inflammatory disease can result due to a sexually transmitted disease.

Mentioned above are a few reasons that can lead to infertility when considering both male and female genders.