Is Wearing Tight Underwear Linked To ED?

Male power greatly depends on the present condition of the blood vessels that support it. Vasoconstriction in these blood vessels causes the main male organ to function properly. However, there are times when a man can’t get an erection because of physical, mechanical, or even psychological reasons. For instance, men who are physically tired sometimes find it hard to achieve an erection when needed. It is because the body doesn’t have enough energy to allocate for this function.

Aside from that, there are still other causes of erectile dysfunction such as alcohol and tobacco use, stress, and also the genetics of course. Some people believe that wearing tight underwear is also linked to erectile dysfunction. Read along to know whether this one is a truth or myth.

Tight Underwear and Erectile Dysfunction

Men are also choosy when it comes to buying their underwear. They don’t just grab and go. There are factors that they consider when choosing which underwear to buy. First is the form. Most men opt for fit underwear because they look good in fit and stylish outfits.

Here is a simple men’s boxer brief size guide to help you pick the right one for you. You won’t need to worry about your underwear bunching or rolling up. Next is the fabric. Men go for the most comfortable fabric for them to make it comfortable to wear every day while doing their regular tasks.

Basically, tight underwear is not yet proven to have a strong link on erectile dysfunction. It all depends on the constriction of the blood vessels inside and not the underwear fit outside. However, tight underwear has a huge impact on other factors such as sperm count and fertility. As studies show, men who wear tight-fitting underwear more have lower sperm count compared to those who wear regular fit boxers.

Tight-fitting underwear brings the testicles closer to the body rather than its regular hanging position. Because of this, they receive more heat from the body, affecting the life of sperm cells inside. Protein naturally coagulates in higher temperatures, and sperm is partly made up of protein. The sperm cells simply die out when they are exposed to higher temperatures for a long time, thus, lowering the sperm count. Although the sexual capacity is still the same, the chance of procreation is already lowered with low sperm count.

With so many kinds of men’s underwear, it is hard to choose which one is healthy to use. Basically, it all depends on the fit of the underwear. Boxers and familiar underwear are the most recommended if you’re aiming for a healthy sperm count and fertility. They keep the testicles and sperm cells healthy by giving them a natural breathing space down there. As much as possible, avoid trunks, thongs, and other similar tight-fitting underwear to keep your sperm count healthy.

Choosing underwear wisely has a great effect on a person’s sexual health especially when it comes to male fertility and sperm health.