Office Sanitary and Hygiene Tips to Uphold the Workplace Health Standards

The past year has made us rethink everyday hygiene habits. But these habits should not be something to think of only during a global pandemic and things turn worse. Practicing them every day is a sure way to lessen the amount diseases ad germs that can get transmitted in a public place such as the office. Take a look at the following to see what are the hygiene habits you can practice at your work place.

Follow the Cleaning Guidelines

One of the main things to remember when practicing health protocols is to follow the cleaning guidelines. Wear disposable masks, gloves and a gown when it comes to cleaning and disinfection. These are special requirements when it comes to situations like a pandemic.

However, even if you are in an area that is marked safe from a virus or any other infectious disease, wearing the necessary gear for disinfection can keep you safe. So, while you are making sure that the office is Safe, make sure that those who are ensuring the work safety – the cleaning staff, security personnel etc. – are also safe from the disease carrying pathogens.

Good Ventilation

There are a lot of diseases you can stop from spreading just by practicing good indoor air quality. Offices are places where a lot of people mingle and therefore will have many sources of air contamination. Having poor air regulation inside your office will only worsens this fact. In order to have good air circulation makes sure to look into improving the indoor air quality.

Some of the steps you can follow about this are conducting air-quality assessments, creating air quality awareness, ensuring good air filtration and monitoring the air filtration needs. Just implanting a good system is not enough. You have to make sure it is well maintained and that repairs and remodelling are done without delay.

Social Distancing

Last year we all saw the necessity to maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. So, if your work requires on-premise employees, this is something you should definitely practice. Limit those who come to the office or make your employees work in a shift-basis so there are fewer employees during the work hours.

Limit the visitors you accept into the office. You can also follow these protocols outside the times of the pandemic too. If you are feeling sick or experiencing something that is easily contagious – even as small as a cold – try not mingle in the crowds too much.

Make the Office Members Aware

Educating and making the office members aware of the existing health guidelines and protocols is a big step when it comes to practicing good hygiene habits in the workplace. Educate them on the necessity to maintain the right hygiene practices, social distancing and using the hygiene products. Include notices, documents and signage when necessary to include better information.

You can also provide facilities such as social distancing desk tools, hand sanitiser stations etc. create a communication platform (an email thread/ app) to add updates about the health guidelines. Communicate and engage with your employees to understand their needs and how to accommodate them.

Don’t wait till things take a turn for the worse to practice health habits. Start practicing them now and you can avoid most if the worst effects.