What to Expect After Having Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. These can also be used if you have lost most or all of your teeth. During this procedure, a titanium post will be placed into your jawbone so that it acts as an artificial tooth root. And to this post, a prosthetic tooth or replacement will be attached. Local anaesthesia will be provided so that you don’t feel pain during the procedure.

Your dentist at the Dental Engine will discuss at length about possible issues that can come up and how these can be treated. They will tell you what you can expect from the procedure and how to maintain the implants so that they last for a long time. These dental implants will restore your ability to eat and speak normally and your natural smile will be restored which can be a boost to your self-confidence. It is normal to experience some pain after the procedure and this can continue for a few days. You will be prescribed pain medications of over-the-counter pain relief to deal with this. And after the procedure, you need to rest and avoid any strenuous activity. This will aid in the proper healing of the dental implant.

Another common effect

After undergoing dental implant procedure is swelling and bruising around the implant site. To reduce swelling, you can apply an ice pack to the area. You can also avoid eating certain food that can exacerbate this. Hot or spicy food should be avoided in the first few days so that it doesn’t make the swelling worse. In about a week or two, the swelling will go down and it will not be a problem any longer. There will also be a bit of bleeding from the implant site and this can happen for a few days after the procedure. You can use gauze pads to control the bleeding but make sure you don’t risk the area for at least a day after the procedure has been completed. You should also not be spitting forcefully to get rid of the blood. You need to treat your mouth gently and not subject it to a lot of stress.

Your dentist will speak to you about the diet you can maintain in the days following the procedure.

You need to have a bland diet and use soft food so that there is not a lot of pressure on the implant site. Some of the food you can try in these first few days are mashed potatoes yoghurt and scrambled eggs. You can get back to your normal diet after the implant site heals. If you are used to grinding teeth or clenching your teeth, you need to let your dentist know beforehand as this can affect the results of the procedure. There are also certain precautions you can take to prevent grinding teeth such as wearing a mouthguard when you are sleeping. You should make sure that you maintain proper oral hygiene so that you brush and floss around the implant site to prevent accumulation of food particles and bacteria.