The Best Orthodontic 3 Methods to Restore a Better Smile

Having an appealing smile is one of the best ways to boost your self-confidence regardless of your gender. After all, unlike in the past, you don’t have to settle down for what there is when you can perfectly rectify your smile with the help of orthodontic solutions.

Although there are several methods to do it, we’re here to tell you the top 3 methods to restore a better smile. Once you get a clear understanding of what each method does, you’ll be able to put an end to your existing smile for good.

By Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration happens due to many reasons. While smoking is one of the core issues that even affect the color of your gums. But the most adverse effect that happens here is the loss of the whiteness of teeth. Once that happens, you can replenish the whiteness of your teeth by whitening them.

Teeth whitening are a bleaching process that should be performed with the ideal equipment and the ideal type of dental bleach. Since you can do it at home or at the clinic, you can choose whatever works for you.

By Teeth Veneering

In order for teeth whitening to replenish your smile, your teeth should be in perfect order and undamaged. This basically means that if your teeth are either damaged, worn, chipped, crooked, or simply not in a condition that can be fixed by whitening, teeth veneering is the best option.

What happens here is simple; after a thin layer of your existing teeth is gently removed; dental veneers Berwick are then carefully placed on the top of the prepared teeth by using special dental cement. This was, although the back of the teeth was not exactly in the best shape, these permanent teeth cover will stay glued to the teeth.

Once the veneers are set, you can continue with your life as if you got your teeth replaced, because now you have a bright smile. But it’s always better not to exert extreme pressure on the veneers since they tend to be brittle at higher pressures. As long as you maintain your veneer-covered teeth by flossing and brushing using fluoride-based toothpaste, you don’t have to worry about having that big, beautiful smile.

By Wearing Braces

Sometimes, the teeth don’t need whitening at all, what they need is a proper rearrangement. It’s not possible to uproot and replant each tooth individually, but by wearing braces, you can permanently realign your teeth so that you can consider whitening later on.


The common factor here is landing on a reliable dental clinic. The rule of thumb is to select a dental clinic, not an individual working dentist, where all these services are offered. That way, you won’t have to believe that a specific service was better than the rest just because the clinic didn’t offer some.

That way, you can truly understand the suitability of the three options considering the dental aspects as well, and that would ensure that your restored smile is restored in a way that suits your situation.