Benefits of Vaping to a Cigarette Quitter

Quitting a bad habit is hard enough as it is, but quitting a bad cigarette habit is way more difficult and challenging than an ordinary behavioral problem. The pattern of behavior associated or that helped cigarette smoking become what it is as of the moment for a person is not something that is built overnight, that certain habit of smoking and chain-smoking packs of sticks per day has been built through time, and it most likely started when the person is still young. Given the time to build the negative behavior, it would take more than that timeframe to break it. Luckily today, we have vape as an alternative for those who smoke cigarettes. Here are its benefits.

Less Harmful

Technically vape uses vapor (hence the term “vape”). This vapor comes from the juice that is used for a vape pen. These juices even have varieties of flavors and scents that go together with it. The idea being is that since vape is using vapor and not literal smoke that will be inhaled by the person, there would be lesser harmful chemicals with each intake of the person through breaking than with smoking. The vape juice contains lesser harmful substances that could harm the body.

It is Cheaper

Vaping is considered cheaper than a cigarette habit. To put it into perspective the juice used in vaping could last the user few more days than when someone buys a cigarette and end up buying more because cigar sticks are burned to be used, rather than vape juice that could be refilled and the vape could then be charged, thus using less cost because one would not need any lighter or match when using a vape. When one considers the cost, it will actually make more sense if one adds up the saved money aspect of it.

Stepping Stone towards Quitting

Vaping has placed itself as one of the best alternatives for smoking, then it also follows that vaping is actually a very great way to take a step in learning how to quit smoke. The thing with smoking is that the dopamine reward system is pretty much intact together with the nicotine that is in a single cigar stick but in vaping, there is less nicotine and all that is left to the person is the behavioural pattern of smoking but not the chemical addiction aspect since there is the lesser addictive substance in it. Thus, it helps in building the lifestyle that leads to quitting cigarette smoking.

More Socially Acceptable

Vaping is socially acceptable than smoking. The culture of smoking happens to be that smokers are frowned upon and are considered delinquents; this is due to the reasons that the smoke itself is highly unwanted and is considered very uncomfortable to a non-smoker when inhaled. But as for vaping, the vapor produce by the pen is not that uncomfortable, it might resemble smoke, but it does not cause any nose or eye irritation to the people in the vicinity.

Technology has once again opened up its arms and offer opportunities and chances to make life healthier and more convenient for everyone, and that is through vape.