Who Can Have IV Sedation for Dentistry

There are many people that experience dental anxiety and this will prevent them from benefiting from good oral care. But there are options that you can consider if you are such an individual. IV sedation is one of the options that dentists will offer to make sure that you are in a relaxed state for your dental routine or procedure.

In IV sedation,

Sedative medications will be administered straight to your bloodstream using an IV line and this puts the patient into a state of deep relaxation. However, the patient will be conscious throughout and responsive to the instructions of the dentist. You can look for a good local dentist that offers IV sedation if you are interested in this procedure and you experience extreme discomfort and anxiety during dental procedures. You can research the dental clinic to get an idea of their reputation, qualifications and experience in the field of sedation dentistry. IV sedation is also used for complex dental procedures to make sure the patient is comfortable throughout. Not everyone may be a candidate for IV sedation. There are many factors that will be considered when deciding to offer IV sedation to a patient. If you are someone with a dental phobia, this will be a way for you to relax during the procedure. You can have an initial consultation with the dentist and discuss your fears so that they can gauge which would be the best treatment option for you.

Oral surgery

Is a complex procedure that will require you to remain calm throughout the entire duration. Other examples of complex procedures are placing implants and extracting multiple teeth. In this type of situation, the dentist will recommend IV sedation to reduce any potential discomfort you may feel. Always try to clear any concerns you have about the procedure and if you have reservations about IV sedation, you can share this with your dentist as well in case there are other options they can consider to keep you calm. Some patients tend to have a strong gag reflex that can interfere with certain oral exams and procedures. And IV sedation can suppress this reflex allowing the dentist to work without interruptions and you will also be able to avoid discomfort.

Some patients are not able to sit still because they are not able to control their movements.

And this can be very difficult to work with when carrying out complex dental procedures. But IV sedation offers a good option where the patient will be relaxed without making jerky movements that can affect the procedure. This will ensure the safety of the procedure for the patient and the dentist will be able to complete the work efficiently. If you have a special needs family member, they may not be able to sit still on the dentist chair. Also, dental procedures can cause a lot of distress to the patient. To prevent all this, IV sedation can be used and the dentist will be able to quickly perform the necessary treatments ensuring that the patient is kept calm and relaxed throughout.