Bust That Stress Away

Do you have trouble sleeping? Suffering from constant headaches? Exhausted and tensed all the time? Waking up tired every morning? Feeling depressed and anxious? Irritable and sad for no specific reason? Suffering from panic attacks and sudden bursts of anger? You might be stressed. Stress shows signs of both physical and emotional signs.

Stress can have a negative impact on your overall health if not dealt properly. Taking a break from your busy, stressful lifestyle is a must for a healthy life. In fact, it is a necessity and a wise investment towards your best self. Go on a holiday, catch up with family or friends or attend a heath retreat to revive and energize. Visit health retreats Victoria to find out the best treatments available.

You can try simple ways and methods to de-stress yourself at the comfort of your home. Here are 5 simple ways you can bust that stress and get back on your feet.

5 Golden Stress Busters

1.    Massage the Stress Away

It is just running your fingertips slightly over your face and body while massaging brings relief. This is an ancient Chinese stress relief method still used widely today. The Chinese believe massaging the feet, hands and ears relieves stress, too. You can even try aromatherapy as well. Popularity in using aromatic essential oils has increased over the recent decades. Lavender, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Neroli and Orange essential oils are commonly used to bring the stress levels down.

2.    Break That Cycle

Take a break from your job or profession. Take regular breaks and clear your head occasionally to break that routine which can make you bored and stressed. If taking a break from your job is not an option, consider other ways to bring stress levels down. Give priority to tasks that must be dealt immediately and do less urgent ones when there’s time. Cut out all the distractions and unwanted commitments. Organise your thoughts and take a deep breath before making a difficult call. Buy yourself time by not saying “yes” automatically and learn to say “No”.

3.    Meditate and Relax

A few minutes every day will help produce a sense of inner calm. If you’re a just starting, get a library subscription or join a yoga class. You’ll feel the benefits mentally, physically and emotionally. Listening to relaxing music can calm things down too. There are so many options to choose from instrumental, classical and soft pop. Slow music can help you relax and to sleep better as it can lower your heart rate while slowing your breathing.

4.    Share Your Worries

Talking is a great release and telling a friend or a therapist you trust about any anxieties and worries that you may have helps to put things in perspective. A problem shared is a problem halved, so don’t bottle thingsĀ up. A close friend who would listen will easily help you to see things differently.

5.    Step Outside

Spend more time outdoors and get connected with nature. Appreciating the simple things in life like birds chirping and flowers blooming, make you realize there’s more to life than the rush of urban living. Listen to the rustling sound of leaves, watch squirrels jumping from one tree to another, and marvel at a sunset. You will be surprised at the serenity the nature brings you.

Healthy life is a stress-free life. So, break away from your usual busyness of life and say no to stress.