What Is Emsculpt Neo and How Does it Reduce Fat and Gain Muscles in Our Body?

Anyone can find it difficult to obtain their ideal body with diet and exercise alone. The majority of us store fat in specific parts of our bodies due to genetics, and it is impossible to grow defined muscle. Numerous non-surgical body contouring procedures are available for people who are having trouble losing unresponsive fat or achieving muscle definition. The majority of these methods are created to either simply increase muscle mass or decrease body fat throughout a session.

The revolutionary Emsculpt Neo system is the first and only FDA-cleared non-surgical body contouring device that has been shown in studies to both reduce fat and stimulate muscle building! The revolutionary Emsculpt neo treatment elevates the science of non-invasive body shaping to a completely new level, even though Emsculpt is currently acknowledged as the #1 body sculpting therapy for both men and women globally.

Both body sculpting procedures can simultaneously increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. The technologies used by these systems to tone and shape your form, as well as the outcomes you can expect from each session, make up their main differences. The classic Emsculpt gadget stimulates muscle contractions in your target areas using non-invasive electromagnetic technology. Your body automatically starts to burn fat in the area while your muscles readily gain power and mass. The new Emsculpt Neo is the first and only body sculpting device in the marketplace that combine two different types of therapies to simultaneously target fat loss and muscle gain. Emsculpt Neo offers simultaneous fat removal and muscle growth in a single session by integrating the effectiveness of these two treatments in a single machine.

The Emsculpt Neo body contouring device has been shown in clinical testing to reduce fat by up to 30% in patients’ desired locations! The innovative device uses RF (radio frequency) energy to deliver targeted fall loss like never before during each session. A non-invasive heat therapy called RF energy is utilized to get rid of body fat deposits. You can melt away additional fat cells with targeted RF heat technology without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Your body automatically flushes out the fat cells through your lymph system after they have been destroyed, giving you a smaller, and more contoured body.

Clinical studies have shown that the Emsculpt Neo system can help your hardest-to-work muscles acquire up to 25% of their muscular mass! Using HIFEM (high-intensity electromagnetic magnetic field) energy, you can increase muscle mass and strength to reach a definition that is impossible to obtain with only strength training. Strong electromagnetic energy is used by HIFEM technology to induce supramaximal contractions in selected muscle units. Your muscles begin to contract as a result of this painless stimulation, which results in ideal muscular toning, improved definition, and enhanced strength without the need for further exercise.

With advancements in body contouring technology, a far wider range of patients can benefit from the Neo shaping system. Men and women with a BMI up to 35 can receive this ground-breaking treatment! Patients have shown success using this approach to reduce fat and increase muscle strength in several common problem areas!